2014 ad in Northeast Asia Forum held in Changchun City

A few days ago, 2014 ad Summit Forum in Northeast Asia in the advertising industry in Jilin province Park officially came to an end, many industry leaders, experts and journalists present.
as the advertising industry's first authoritative high-end event in Northeast Asia, the Forum attracted advertising multiple advertising, academic education masters, experts, academics, business representatives and journalists, more than 300 people present. Li dongsheng, Chairman of the State administration for industry and Commerce of China Advertising Association ads Secretary Zhang guohua, Changchun Municipal Committee, Vice Mayor Wang Lu, the Jilin provincial industrial and commercial Administration Bureau Director Zang Zhongsheng, Changchun jingyue Hi Guan Shusen, Director of the Management Committee and other related departments attended the Forum.
this times Forum tightly around "digital times advertising industry of opportunities and challenge" of theme, guest and to of from all walks of life elite on new situation Xia advertising industry of development trend for has full analysis, on Northeast Asia area of advertising industry of status and the future development for has in-depth discussion, and on "China advertising industry development trend", and "China advertising industry of strain of road", and "regional advertising industry fusion development of road", and "advertising talent development of new opportunities and challenge", issues for has wonderful speech and detailed analysis, during, More interaction with guests, on the premise of aimed to effect, on the regional development of the advertising industry a number of substantive issues put forward constructive and reference solutions, made a series of remarkable achievements.
in addition, this forum in advertising industry strategy development level also made has unprecedented of breakthrough, in this forum of platform on, Northeast advertising entrepreneurs representative and Bcc international common completed has "Northeast regional and Bcc international window Union signed ceremony", this items agreement of reached, for achieved North-South two big regional advertising industry in market, and resources and talent, many of Exchange and cooperation paved the road, and first open has regional between interconnected exchange of open window, for develop more big range within of industry cooperation, and New and complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win situation to make a brave attempt, but also to promote the overall development of China's advertising industry has injected new vitality.
Meanwhile, "Northeast Asia advertising talent training hatch base unveiled ceremony" also in this forum Shang smooth started, move means with, future, will to just completed of Jilin province national advertising industry Park for core base, in Northeast Asia regional range within established up professional advertising talent of integrated training system, for regional advertising industry foster, and conveying more meet times need, and integrated capacity more full of elite talent lay Xia solid of based, to full change regional advertising professional talent shortage, and Situation of uneven quality, professional practice and employment to promote regional tertiary institutions provide powerful booster, will also attract foreign enterprises, introduction of talent and play an active role.
worth mentioning is that the Northeast advertising national advertising talent training base selection in Jilin province industrial park area, have a special meaning. As Jilin province only of national advertising industry Park, in established beginning will adhering to with high of started of principles, to industry public service development platform as Park positioning, project aimed at for Northeast of advertising industry of cluster of development provides powerful of support, while has regional within most quality of advertising talent training, and development of soft, and hardware environment, and Northeast Asia advertising talent training hatch base of integrated type needs can achieved perfect match.
this peak Forum agglomeration Northeast Asia area top elite, and fusion three province advertising power, perfect achieved has for regional industry development pulse, and for regional industry change refers to road of original, for Northeast Asia area of advertising industry development brings has new of thought and method, for full combined, and using across regional of fusion total win open has a article main roads, for this regional advertising industry of yucai Societe Generale lay has rammed of based. At this forum, not only for regional advertising for people is a rewarding industry event, for the advertising industry in China, will also be the development of an important transition. I believe that in the near future, the fruits of this forum, will be transformed into real gains of industry development and create a Northeast Asia advertising industry a more brilliant and splendid tomorrow.
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