Analysis of three objective factors affecting printing quality

In print work, we are often on the quality of printing products. Objective factors influencing quality of printed products are consumables, printing equipment and printing environment and other factors. Please see the specific analysis of the following:

, printing supplies including paper, ink, plates and fountain with different performance, which will have a direct impact on printing. Printing master before the performance of a variety of supplies and printability, avoid factors that might affect printing, carry forward the features of printing has a positive effect. Many printing effect printing product requirements vary, and some beautiful packaging and printing product requirements color and soft color book printing product requirements not dazzling, the choice of printed material to the attention of the user demand for printed products, find out for printing all kinds of supplies.
like, in printing various label Shi, should select white degrees high, and surface smooth degrees better, and not transparency also compared good of more high-end of coated paper for printing; addition, some products need long time exposed in outdoor, in select ink, and paper Shi, resistance Sun degrees on will is a items need special concern of performance index; sometimes, to offset printing different type products Shi, on rubber cloth hardness of requirements also not same, should has targeted of for select.
as long as the full account of the existence of some external factors that affect product quality, advantages into full play, overcome shortcomings in production, can make the printed product quality must be improved.
, printing equipment, including production related equipment during normal operation and various auxiliary equipment of investment as well as the mutual relationship between whether the requirements will affect the quality of printing products. Any a books or packaging printing products, most is by several road or more than 10 road process processing completed of, these process including printing and binding, and glazing, and bronzing,, and these process of operation General are is and equipment inseparable of, equipment of bad, and operation whether convenient and Xia road process by with equipment can better of on Shang road process equipment production of products for processing production and so on, will on printing products quality produced must of effect.
If the devices often fail, will not be able to fully play the function of the device, printing or other process there will be a variety of quality defects of processing of semi-finished products, making it impossible to guarantee the final quality of the product, and this is where the key to ensure the normal operation of equipment. In addition, some of the equipment in use for environmental and other objective factors also have certain requirements, as does not meet these requirements will have a direct impact on product quality, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment to ensure the quality of printing products.
, printing environment include the printing of each process in the production process, such as ambient temperature, humidity, dust, and there is no light and so on many environmental factors, these factors will in the process affect the print quality. Environment of changes will to printing brings must of effect, in offset in the, especially flat Zhang offset in the, environment humidity of changes will directly led to paper sucking water or loss, caused paper deformation, effect printing process of go paper and overprint, makes printing products quality reduced; temperature of changes and printing environment dust degrees of size for offset in the of ink and paper of the performance also has must of effect, will on printing products surface ink layer dry and color uniform, quality requirements produced different degree of effect, Varying degrees of reduction in the quality of printing products.
to flexo, gravure packaging printing method for ambient temperature more sensitive, humidity, high temperature and low humidity is not conducive to ink (especially water ink) dry, resulting in a paste version and napping and other defects, excessive dust will cause more of the printing field layout printing untrue and other defects.
during the printing process, as well as the processing of printed products in the process, to keep constant temperature and humidity of the environment, reducing the dust in the air, so as to ensure that the final printed product quality and stability. In short, ensure the stable quality printed products needs to avoid negative factors in the actual production of the printing quality of side-effects, fully exploit favorable factors promoting effect, only so as to ensure the stable quality printed products.
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