China Radio International as the Milan Expo China Pavilion core media partners

China International Trade Promotion Association of the China Radio International in the recently held Fourth News Conference, signed an agreement with the Milan Expo organizing Committee of China Pavilion, making the 2015 Milan Expo China Pavilion core media partners.
Vice Chairman of CCPIT Wang jinzhen and international editor Ren Qian attended the event and witnessed the signing.
2015 Government of Milan Expo China Pavilion Director, CCPIT Vice Chairman Wang jinzhen said the Milan Expo, the China Pavilion will be held near baichang activities, as a new bridge for Italian cooperation, bilateral agricultural, tourism, culture, and provides an important platform for cooperation between.
Ren Qian Vice editor-in-Chief said in talks with Wang jinzhen, Vice President, international undertaking service "Foreign Affairs, external trade and external propaganda" task in Milan during the Expo, international will use 65 languages, 103 French radio, television and the Internet rich media resources such as CDC, the entire activity and the China Pavilion is omni-directional, multi-channel and multimedia reports.
it is understood that the Milan World Expo opened on May 1, 2015, there will be three venues in China exhibition, China National Pavilion covering an area of 4590 square meters, is the Park apart from Germany outside the second largest overseas since the founding of the building construction are scheduled to be completed in April 2015.
the China Radio International cooperation with the Organizing Committee of China Pavilion at Expo in Milan meant that its propaganda role to further develop international radio stations.
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