Outdoor scroll advertising decade changes

China today identifies the small numbered scroll you summarize an article about outdoor advertising changed the Decade articles, for your reference, here are details:
development of outdoor advertising for ten years, has undergone many changes, and ten years ago caused many changes in scrolling advertisements. Following is a summary on outdoor advertising changes:
1, outdoor light boxes from the previous static common signs advertising become the gorgeous now scrolls screen ads.
2, ten years ago, the outdoor light box design is clean, just a single form of expression of pure information, now outdoor scrolling light box with digital system management, designed to keep up with development needs of the times.
3, additional functionality such as led display, voice broadcast system, mosquito features these additional feature is not a decade ago, now these functions use is very common.
4, now outdoor light boxes of material is better than ten years ago.
5, now use the rolling advertisements for more than ten years ago, outdoor light boxes more attractive and enjoyable.
6, now use the scroll advertising more intelligent than they were a decade ago, lighting systems can be started with ambient light automatic lighting switch, provides convenience for managers.
7, ten years ago on an outdoor light box structure size is now the outdoor light boxes.
8, now use the scroll advertising recovery and availability of much higher than it was a decade ago.
9, ten years ago, the outdoor light boxes use only lights in the evening, and now scroll outdoor advertising has become indispensable to a beautiful landscape of urban lighting.
thus, outdoor advertising and went through a great change, scrolling advertisements will also have more room for innovation and development, promoting the outdoor advertising market continues to move forward.
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