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Do you know where the nearest hot topic in the media industry and academia to discuss it? The topic is "2014 will be the inflection point of the County management do? "
How to view the newspaper's current difficult situation? How to plan for future development of newspaper strategy? Integration development of the southern weekend, this article attempts to practice, some experiences and thoughts.

minority newspaper group's main business losses from 2013, China newspapers in the most difficult period since the reform and opening up.
July 2014, the press and publication of China's press and publications issued by the Institute of industry analysis report shows that in 2013, the national newspaper of gross business income had fallen by 2012 8.88%, profits fell at a faster rate 11.66%. Of particular concern is that in 2013, 15 of the 43 national newspaper group operating profit showed a loss, individual newspaper group is a startling decline.
1/3 the above newspaper group recorded profit losses, probably since the late 90 's newspaper group in China for the first time since such organizations, which shows China's newspaper industry, there are serious structural problems.
2005 year, the Chinese press there had been a widespread "winter". At that time, some city newspapers and part of the party of growth fell from double digits to single digits, the industry's average growth rate of phase lags behind GDP growth, it caused a lot of concern issued "Wolf," exclaimed. However, after 7-8 years of development process, from an overall perspective, the Chinese press has been on the rise, many newspapers also hit a record of their business income.
, however, is of concern, although newspaper revenues growing within seven or eight years, but the growth rate slowed down, and profits to decline more and more obvious. The reason is, on the one hand, is due to excess liquidity in previous years and other factors raise the cost of newspaper management, on the overall growth of the Internet media, a strong and sustained diversion and of the newspaper advertisers. In the last two years, some newspapers began to stagnation and even turn down, which further accelerates the whole industry's profits fell, and from point and area, and gradually formed a seems to be an irreversible trend. From this standpoint, 2013 1/3 facts of the loss in its newspaper group, although it is hard to accept, but almost inevitable, and may even continue to deteriorate.
would also like to point out is, as many newspaper groups in China implementing diversification, and even many other business than the main business of the group. Thus, almost certainly say, profitable newspaper groups also exist in a portion of its main business of loss-making units. This newspaper group as long as more than the profit of camp 1/4, means that in China last year, half of the Group's main business is losing money.
conclude a Word, now purely rely on newspapers to make money, has become the only a minority of practitioners to play more games.
so, how long can this game play? 2013 large areas of loss is just a Chinese newspaper and a short "winter"?
from industry figures, the situation is not optimistic. In August 2014, China Advertising Association, Press Club and CTR (CTR) media intelligence joint publication of the newspaper advertising market analysis report of China in the first half of the show, 2014 1 in June, national newspaper advertising revenue fell 13.2%.
and also from the CTR data shows that first half of 2014, China's advertising market grew by 4.1%, Internet advertising as much as 39%.
in addition to the advertising market, issuing what about the data? Authoritative figures to November 2014, has a number of email selling newspaper subscriptions fell by more than 10% for the following year, while the retail market continued the downward trend of the previous year. According to century continuous monitoring Chinese data in 2014, newspapers in the first half, sales fell by 18%.
in summary, whether advertising or is issued, tradition of China's newspaper industry is concerned, this one may really "crying wolf", and seemed to be very fierce.

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