Yangcheng Lake town, dismantled more than more than 40 illegal outdoor advertising

In recent times, yangcheng Lake Town township and key road sections do not meet the specification of outdoor advertising and store signs shop cards, carried out a series of restructuring.
in this work, demolition of illegal, old billboards in more than 40 square blocks, repair damaged advertising and store signs shop more than 10 pieces, back along the neat, standardized, and orderly town environment. Yangcheng Lake town,
is a Millennium town with a long history and culture, in recent years, town town appearance has been greatly improved, but there are still some outdoor advertisements do not meet the specifications, and even damaged missing characters, seriously affecting the overall image. In the treatment of concentrated, yangcheng Lake town of Chengguan Squadron after the preliminary on-site investigation, the verified one by one, communication with the owner for a number of the problems, policies on active-site promotion outdoor advertising and the significance, access to the owners for their understanding and cooperation, ensure the smooth progress of the rectification work.
as of now, this illegal outdoor advertising consolidation efforts and achieved marked results, and maintain the local urban environment and image.
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