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Advertising creative design

Advertising creative design

Advertising is through unique techniques or clever advertising creation script also highlights product features and brand identity, and to promote the sale of products.
advertising creative is called, simply, by bold new methods to create different visual effects, maximum appeal to consumers, so as to achieve the purpose of wave propagation and product marketing of the brand. Advertising creative advertising creative expression in English: idea & creative
advertising refers to advertising in the creative expression of the brand's sales message, to meet or to guide consumers in and lead the purchasing behavior of.
creative advertising made up of two parts, one advertising the second is advertising.
ad position is a prerequisite for advertising. Advertising positioning and advertising creative advertising ideas advertising positioning performance.
ad positioning to solve is "what to do", advertising creative to solve is "what to do", only make clear what to do, can play what to do. Once the ads down, how ads can then determine the content and advertising style. It can be seen that ad position is the beginning of advertising, is a prerequisite for creative activities.
1/> advertising creative design connotation. expression of creative advertising strategy, the purpose of which is to create effective advertising, buying
2. advertising creative is a creative thinking, which is the characteristic of creativity;
3. ideas must be based on consumer psychology.

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