Logo design
A good logo must have good ideas, good ideas must come from mining on the topic itself. Therefore, firmly grasp the theme, and radiation-type thinking, to find the best orientation.
before making a mark, will spend a lot of time to understand the company's background and culture, and more well-known similar enterprises at home and abroad. When the subject of the enterprise once determined, styling elements, signs in the use of color, and so on, form naturally. Attached no significance to the choice of topic, or an arbitrary and subjective approaches may make the design times. Even if the logo graphic is very beautiful, can only be a decoration, that is not consistent with the actual situation of the enterprise, will not have a long life. One sign of success to have the function of shaping the brand image goals is the ultimate objective of this corporate logo design. Then the logo exactly how to position itself? We believe that the following points are important:
1, and to operate the contents and appearance of business products for theme:
for some of the characteristics of strong, which have a wide awareness of enterprises can use this design, this method is Visual, easy to recognize the advantages of easy to remember.
2 the theme
, corporate philosophy corporate philosophy includes a business purpose, the corporate culture, abstract. As the commercial speed of information transmission and cultural exchanges of science and technology, competition in the face of a complex and volatile environment and industry after joining WTO facing the opportunities and challenges, how to make the business or business field consistent with the external symbols--corporate logo design? How to get a community consensus? Unique business philosophy and the spirit of enterprise, enterprise culture, the use of abstract graphic or symbolic expression is particularly important. General use, associations, conduct the Act of conception of metaphor. Algeria Suo Laxin oil company logo neat using a Algeria flag of stars and moons pattern and the five-pointed star pattern of Chinese flags, flames also reflect industry characteristics----petroleum refining!
3, to the Enterprise name, brand name and prefix combination for theme
its design features, because they are beginning to form a strong visual impact, enhanced features, enhanced the visibility of signs, multiplies the magnification effect to play. Daheng medical company, corporate logo design is a "daheng" word combination, and image characteristics of the therapy shows arc radiation, very lively and easy to remember.
4, company names, brand names, or words and pictures for the theme
this form of design is a text logo with integrated graphics products, the advantages of both the words and patterns and combination of the figurative and the abstract. Two Visual forms are mutually reinforcing. Asian beauty is the mark of this class.
5, to the Enterprise name and brand name as a theme
This is a more popular approach at the international level in recent years, the so-called name signs, he can directly convey the information. Corporate logo design, by contrast, makes one of the letters has a unique difference, to enhance the Visual impact of logo graphic. Specific information in part where the main content. Dong Zhaochang Thai investment company. flags to enterprises for the first word "East" Variant, forbidden city "roof" and "East" integrates, highlights industry-construction, real estate investment property, fret and "East" integrating Word, conveys the profound connotation of luck, meaning the company is with the ancient Oriental culture characteristics of international investment institutions.
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